SWAT Team raids organic farm

This topic, and stories about it, have been posted here before.  The government continues to attempt to control our food source; now raiding organic farms on the pretext of a marijuana bust.  Raids continue also on Amish farms which sell raw milk.



Exclusive: Gold Medalist David Boudias’ Dad Gives Interview to Alternative News

After having posted my previous story on the Abilene native, ‘come from behind’ Olympic diver and gold medal winner, David Boudia, I was contacted by his father, Jim Boudia and given an exclusive interview.  The Boudia family were here in Abilene from January 1983 until July 1992 while Jim and his wife, Sheilagh, were stationed at Dyess Air Force Base.  David, the third child for the Boudia’s, was born at Dyess Hospital in 1989.  He grew up at the family home located on Trinity Lane in the Lytle Shores addition.   Their oldest daughter, Shaila was in kindergarten and attended school in the Wylie School district.  The family loved raising their children here and especially enjoyed times at Nelson Park, as well as swimming at Fort Phantom Lake, as all three kids loved the water and being on the lake.  The family loved their time in Abilene, and as Jim noted, “We couldn’t imagine bringing three beautiful children into this world in any other community”.

Abilene is certainly proud of its hometown Olympic Gold medalist.  Well done, David Boudia