Iran Battles Plague Of ‘ Genetically Mutated’ Rats

Giant rats bigger than cats have mutated from depleted uranium dust and chemicals.
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Centcom Chief Rejects Diplomacy, says Iran Must Be ‘Brought To Its Knees.’

What an Idiot. Iran hasn’t been in a conflict in 300 years. The US can’t say that. The US need to worry about countries that are flaunting their nukes. North Korea has been able to do whatever they want including three nuclear test recently. They have threatened South Korea again and now China is in it. The US needs to mind its own business and get out of the killing business.
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Iran’s Legal Right To Enrich Uranium Unchalleged

They have broken no law, and there is no proof that they are building a bomb. Israel will not disclose how many weapon they have, no oversight on leakage at the power plants Israel has, plus chemical and biological weapons. They get a free pass. The US will eventually end up in a war with Iran  backing Israel just like Syria.
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