Editor of AbileneAlternativeNews passed away

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you, Gerald Ewing, Editor of this blog, passed away June 9, 2013.

As his widow, I recently began attempting to keep this blog up and running.  I know what his vision was, and would like to honor it.  I’m not able to work on it every day as he did, I work full time.  However, I want to keep this blog alive.   If, and only, if, you want it to keep going too. 

Please give me your feedback, it would be appreciated.


Buffalo Wild Wings Loses Suit Against Longtime Local Photographer For Their Attorney Fees

Buffalo Wild Wings has lost a major lawsuit against local photographer Gerald Ewing.  The Restaurant/Bar was denied attorney fees and the case was dismissed by Judge Sam Cummings after a lengthy battle. Gerald Ewing owns the copyrights to the photo of Johnny Knox that was recently pulled down by the restaurant’s owner David Ore. The restaurant then admitted they might use the picture later, with objections from Gerald Ewing and his attorney Evan Stone. The judge said they had no rights to the picture of Johnny Knox that Ewing had taken, and that Ewing owned the image.