Frontier Texas Waste 1.9 Million on Failing Museum

Jeff Salmon announced today that they have recruited HC Zachry to paint 10 ft high murals depicting the old west. This Museum has lost money from day one, and now the DCOA wants to spend even more on it without any citizens input. They will feature new technology and the giant murals to lure people in. The money to fund the Museum is generated by hotel taxes and has been spent as the  citizens watch helplessly. The Museum has yet to admit how much money they made, and greed will eventually catch up with them. Sleep well DCOA.


Haunted House At Frontier Texas Act Of Desperation

First it was the Beer tasting event at Frontier Texas, now they have a Haunted House on October 30th-31st. This high dollar money pit funded by the Abilene DCOA  has been a major disappointment financially. This beautiful museum depicting frontier as it was in the untamed west has been a flop because of poor planning on location and using the same attractions they were using years ago. Now out of desperation they are throwing the kitchen sink at it to keep it open. Frontier Texas should make it on its own, without DCOA funding and the money should go to the Expo Center and other venues that make money for our city. They are mixing public monies with DCOA money and everyone is making money except the citizens. More to come on this story.–Gerald Ewing