Hagel To Barak: US Will Keep Up Aid To Israel Despite Fiscal Troubles

Never mind that we have over 50,000 homeless in NYC every night sleeping in shelters. Never mind that 21% of them are children with no home. Never mind that Israel won’t let us look at their nuclear plant and won’t sign the nuclear treaty even Iran has signed. Israel owns the USA.
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Centcom Chief Rejects Diplomacy, says Iran Must Be ‘Brought To Its Knees.’

What an Idiot. Iran hasn’t been in a conflict in 300 years. The US can’t say that. The US need to worry about countries that are flaunting their nukes. North Korea has been able to do whatever they want including three nuclear test recently. They have threatened South Korea again and now China is in it. The US needs to mind its own business and get out of the killing business.
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