Hello, and thanks for checking out our website. We know why you are here and we are determined to keep you up to date with research and newswires that other media just don’t have. Our promise is that we will find the stories that effect our area and the entire world. We are picking on no one, just trying to give you information that you won’t find on local or national news. We care about Abilene, Texas and its growth and know that there are people here that think they own the city. We are working to expose them, and return Abilene back to what it used to be. We are constantly working on local stories and will release them at the right time.  I have gathered a group of freelance writers and I have 40 years experience as a photojournalist and will determine what is best for our site. Thanks again for your support.
Editor,  Abilene Alternative News

All photos taken on the front are copyrighted and registered. All rights Reserved.
A One-Eyed Dog Production  2012


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